We would like to thank:

Dr. Robert Winter for his generosity in allowing us to make molds of his Batchelder collection.

Alan E. Batchelder, grandson of Ernest A Batchelder for giving us blessings to reproduce his grandfather's beautiful designs,

Chris Casady for starting us on this journey by sharing his buried treasures,

Richard Notkin for teaching Cha-Rie slip-casting,

Joe Koons for sharing his deep knowledge on all things ceramic,

Phaedra Ledbetter, a wonderful client and designer, for her faith in Cha-Rie's artistry,

Isabelle Greene, granddaughter of Charles Greene, also a client, for inspirations to design out of the box, 

Joe Taylor and Sheila of Tile Heritage Foundation, for encouragement to carry on,

Bruce Hubbard for putting up with over 30 years of experimentation and sharing Direct Imagination.

and everyone else we've worked with to create original tile art and raise awareness of Los angeles' rich historical tile tradition.