Pasadena Craftsman Tile


Pasadena was the center of the Arts and Crafts Movement in California. It was the home of Ernest Batchelder, the famed tile maker of the early 1900's. It is also our home now and the center of our tile operation.

We have the largest and most beautiful collection of Batchelder Revivals, hand-made tiles slipcast from molds taken from original Batchelder relief tiles. Our aim is to work in the spirit of the Arts and Crafts Movement, preserve the designs and feel of Batchelder, while providing the wearability demanded by today's consumers. Our tiles are fired 2 to 3 times over 2150 degrees F for durability and the glaze is applied with a special technique that accentuates the relief and lets the clay body show through. Each piece requires artistic judgment and careful workmanship. These tiles are suitable for interior, exterior, wall, and floor installations. You can order the decorative tiles with matching field tiles, all available at a reasonable price and timely manner.

We also create original commissions, walls, fireplaces, fountains and floors.